Patient Portal



****Please be advised, portal messages are only responded to during normal business hours****

What is the Patient Portal?
The Patient Portal is an online tool that offers patients an environment to perform functions like requesting refills on medications and looking at lab results in a confidential and secure manner.  It also allows you to track past and future appointments, update personal information and print your medication list.
How do I register for the Patient Portal?
Your account will be activated when you check out at the end of your appointment.  Unfortunately, due to security and privacy concerns, we are unable to create new Patient Portal accounts unless you are on site.  We visually verify your identity due to the sensitive nature of the information contained in your Portal account. 
I've forgotten my password or login information.  How do I retrieve it?
If you have your User ID
  • Type your User ID into the "Login ID" field
  • Click on the "Reset Patient Portal Password" link.
  • Answer your security questions.
  • Type in your new password and confirm it.
  • Click Submit.
If you do not have your User ID or do not have Security Questions set
  • Please call our office at 713-797-1087 during office hours to retrieve your User ID.
  • Your password can also be reset when calling.
  • Your Security Questions will be set when you first log in.
How do I view my Laboratory results?
  1. Log In
  2. Click on the Patient Chart option on the left
  3. Click on the Laboratory Results tab
  4. Click on the date of the laboratory result you wish to view
  5. Your lab result will download
  6. Your provider's notes will be just beneath the result values
I see a laboratory result that is high or low, but my doctor said that my labs are normal.  Should I be concerned?
Don't worry!  Your physician has reviewed your laboratory results.  If your doctor feels that there are any results of concern, they will have contacted you and included those concerns in their notes on the laboratory results.  If you have additional concerns, please call our office or send a secure message via the patient portal.
Will I be notified if new results are received?
Yes, you will receive a result notification e-mail.  Make sure your e-mail account information is correct!
When should I expect my laboratory results to be ready?
Please allow up to two weeks for your laboratory results to be ready.  Some tests take several days to process, then the physician must review and approve the results before they become available.
How do I request a prescription refill?
Click on Prescription Refill.  Select your pharmacy.  Check the prescriptions you would like refilled.  Click Request.  Done!
I don't see my medication on the list of refillable medications. How do I add it?
Unfortunately, you are unable to add medications to your medication list online.  Please call your pharmacy to have your refill request sent to us.
I don't have any pharmacies to send my refills to.  How do I add one?
Click on Patient Information on the left side of the screen.  When the page loads, click on the Pharmacy tab at the top of the screen.  When the page loads, enter the zip code or phone number of the pharmacy.  When you see your pharmacy, click the checkbox next to it and press save.  Return to Prescription Refill and select your new pharmacy!