Wen Yang, MD, PhD
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Dr. Yang is very knowledgeable. She takes the time to listen and explain everything.

Dr Yang is care provider I have been searching for. She listened, explained how we would proceed and was very kind.

Dr Yang and staff were all
very nice and knowledgeable. I’m glad to have such a good practice taking care of me.

Great bedside manner, knowledgeable and compassionate

Dr. Yang is professional, caring, and very thorough. I heartily recommend her.

Dr. Yang and her assistant (Joy) are very nice, professional and very attentive to their patients.

We found her to be very caring, confident, understanding and knowledgeable. Very personable.

She is sincere and really cares and listens to her patients. She has that passion I look for in a Dr. which is the will to help, not just counting minutes to see the next patient.

She took time to explain my medical condition and addressed all of my questions in a way I could understand without rushing. She is excellent!

Sean J.
Dr. Yang is an active listener combined with the technical knowledge and personal touch of someone who cares.

Christina W.
Dr. Yang was extremely helpful and understanding of a tough situation and I appreciate her working with me to resolve. A consummate professional!

Courtney M.
Dr. Yang is always kind and personable, professional and knowledgeable. I am very grateful to have her as my primary care physician!

Richard F.
Dr. Yang is awesome. She's everything one could want in a doctor....patient, thorough, competent, compassionate....!

Julia B.
Dr Yang has always listened with true concern to what you're saying and never makes you feel like she's rushing to get you out the door. That is one of the most important things to me is a doctor that will listen to your concerns and answer your questions with honesty.

Theresa T.
Best office visit with a doctor ever. Doctor was quite attuned to my level of understanding of my issues and was informative and helpful on all fronts. Nice facility, they were able to take care of my needs, blood work, x-rays in one visit. Just moved to the area and was so happy to get an appointment as a new patient quickly. I has very impressed with the facility and friendliness of all staff, and felt very comfortable.

Very patient, and overall there to help. Great advice as well.

John W.
She was pleasant, smart, had up to date medical info on my medical issues. I will recommend her to my family/friends.

Thomas R.
Dr. Yang is a very intelligent, attentive and patient physician. She treats you as if you were her only patient.

Cybil Z.
Dr. Wen Yang and her medical assistant, Joy, were both very professional and personable. They answered all my questions and provided quality care. They also have good records of my medical history.

Annabella B.
My first visit to this clinic with Dr Wen Yang. I was very comfortable with her and very impressed with her knowledge . She took time to find out about me . I’m looking forward to my next visit.

Patricia L.
Dr. Yang is very personable and she is highly educated. She always helps me, and she has made a significant positive impact in my life. It's so important to have a good doctor, she is serious about the well being of her patients. She always follows up when needed and she is committed to proving excellent service. I have recommended her to my sister and co- workers. I always look forward to my visits with her, I think that I am fortunate to be her patient. She always makes me comfortable, but above anything else she has helped me improve my health. Her assistant Joy is great too! They are the best around.

Patricia W.
She was very professional but compassionate. She asked the right questions and really listened to my answers.

Rebecca R.
She have given me all the medical information that I need to hear about my condition every time I need to go see her.

Susan L.
I was referred to Dr. Yang by Dr. German Newall. I very much appreciate that Dr. Yang was able to see me on such short notice. She helped me complete the tests that were necessary to have surgery next week. I absolutely had a very positive experience, and I plan to be a regular patient. So happy that I found this office. I actually picked up four of her business cards while checking out. I would recommend Dr. Yang and the office for my family and friends.

Peggy W.
My doctor deserves my recommendation because she is patient, very thorough and is very knowledgeable. I always feel confident in my doctors advice and know she genuinely cares about my health and well being.

Andrea S.
Dr. Yang is always so insightful and gives wonderful recommendations on how to improve my health. She shows genuine care when it comes to lab results and helps me find solutions to make improvements.

I found Dr. Yang friendly, likable, gentle, and kind. She ran on time, listened, and answered my questions. Much appreciated.

Carissima U.
Dr. Yang was kind, thorough, and provided me with excellent patient care!

Dolores M.
Dr Wen was very attentive to my illness and took her time with me.

Tiffany W.
Dr. Wen Yang is very thorough. I have been very pleased with both Dr. Wen Yang and Joy's care! I feel very confident that I am getting the absolute best medical care and advice.

The staff was very kind. Dr. Yang too.
Dr Yang spent a reasonable time with us. I did not feel the doctor was in a hurry; this is important for me! She answered all my questions very professional

Hayley N.
She really listens and takes her time to talk with you. You do not feel rushed. She is very knowledgeable.

Amanda B.
Dr. Yang was very nice and patient. She took time to sit with me and explain everything in detail. I'm very pleased with her service and would like to thank her for her time. It's hard to find a Dr with such a level of care and compassion who will also spend the time needed with each patient.

Sherri L.
Amazing Doctor!! Best in Houston - I'm thankful to have found her!

Leslie O.
Attentive. Willing to discuss options for care/symptoms, etc and share validity/current research findings for those. Kind, not in a rush.

Olivia G.
She's thorough and made me feel like she genuinely cared. I felt as though she took my concerns seriously and will be an advocate for preventative care.

Brenda L.
A very good experience from checking in to being examined by the Dr. Was very impressed with the call from Dr. Yang a few hours later with results from the lab.

Kelly G.
She gave a very clear, detailed explanation of what she thought caused my issue, answered my questions thoroughly, and prescribed medicine to treat my symptoms without over-prescribing (i.e., didn't prescribe antibiotics "just in case" like many doctors do since she thought it was viral).

Sarah L.
She really took time to listen to me and took time to explain everything in detail. She was not rushed and it felt like she really gave personalized attention.

Jennifer L.
Dr. Yang took her time to listen to all of my concerns. I never felt rushed or that she had a time limit with me. She was very thorough and I felt very taken care of.

Kristine C.
Dr. Yang was the most informative doctor I've ever had. She explained the reasoning for every question and every procedure she performed. I felt completely in the loop and was grateful for her openness!

Helen M.
Dr. Yang seems like a wonderful doctor--very attentive, allows me to speak, gives me time.

Sean B.
Dr. Yang was incredibly nice, comforting, and intelligent. She doesn't make you feel rushed like many other physicians, and she takes your concerns seriously. Very impressed with Dr. Yang's skills and will, without hesitation, recommend her to my friends and family.

Very knowledgeable and straight to the point.

She was personable and she explained everything she did and why. I felt very comfortable and respected. I didn't feel like she was distanced. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

She was very friendly and attentive! I definitely felt like she listened and cared. She also called me directly to go over my lab results! The receptionist and medical assistant were both very friendly and easy to talk to.

Dr. Yang is wonderful and provided excellence services. She is very knowledgeable and very attentive. I asked a lot of questions and she was very patient with me even though I can tell she is busy. I would highly recommend her to my friends. I am so happy to find her in Houston!